All great things happen starting from our minds!

An idea develops into a concept. A concept turns into a dream.
A dream evolves into actions. Then great things are born.




Do You Have-final

Looking for a simple and effective way
to do these?

We have the answer for you!




If you find it difficult to achieve something you want in life, it is because your mind is not ready for that. Condition your mind and all these can be done effortlessly and quickly. Now it is all possible with our program. You may see results as fast as in 3 days and the results will last forever.

99% of the people who want to achieve their goals lack the drive to take action. You may be one of them. Though most of these people realize that they need to take action before anything will happen, their subconscious minds just prevent them to do so because of fear, laziness, and focus. Many courses, lessons, membership, and tools might have been purchased, but still they won’t take the first step which is crucial for their success.



We are going to change that. With our TSAT TM Mind Conditioning System, you won’t need any effort to break that barrier. In the past 23 years, we have helped thousands of people around the world from fighting cancer to achieving success. All you need is a right mindset, then you can achieve anything you want in life. Great things begin with our minds!

No matter what you want to achieve, what problems you have, what dream you want to reach, what bad habits you want to get rid of, or what good habits you want to build, our TSAT TM System will help you make it through quickly and effortlessly. It is a promise from us.






You can put yourself in action as fast as in three days if you fully use the system. In an average setting, you will definitely see positive changes within two weeks.

You have total control of your own progress by adjusting how you use the system.

Start working as fast as in 3 days in some cases!


You don’t need to do anything at all other than pushing a button. Yes, no effort needed from your side. Just insert the TSATTM CD in a CD player and push the play button. Yes, that’s it. Our specially designed Targeted Subliminal Application Technology System will gently condition your mind to take action to achieve your dream.

Extremely simple and easy to use!


This is not a temporary hypnotic result which will fade away in a few hours. This is a mind changing influence which will last a lifetime.

Our system took us 23 years to research and 5 years to develop. Read our story then you will know why we are so sure that it will help you start taking action to achieve your dream.

Results can last forever!




Our Story

Our group company has been in existence since 1989. In 1992, we brought two Canadian cancer-fighting herbal formulas to Hong Kong and China. From 1993 to 1996, we spent three years doing clinical studies on these products in three different hospitals in China under the supervision of the Ministry of Health of China. In 1996, the two formulas were finally approved by the Chinese Government as cancer treatment drugs in China. Since 1992, we have helped thousands of people winning their cancer battles (For information on our herbal products, visit

While we were helping people fight their cancer diseases, we witnessed that the mindset of a cancer patient has a huge impact on his/her healing. We then started researching how we could help our users have a more positive mindset in order to speed up their healing. We researched many different methods and finally came up with the TSAT (Targeted Subliminal Application Technology) system. This mind conditioning system is so powerful that in some cases can totally change someone’s thinking as fast as in three days. Although the mind is only one of the many healing factors for people suffering a major degenerative disease, changing the mindset of the patient definitely has a big positive impact on the chance of healing.

Then we tested our system on other situation such as self improvement, phobias, addictions…… and we found the system is as effective in many other areas as in cancer treatment. We truly believe that in order to succeed in anything, the right mindset has to be established first.

It took us five years to perfect our system. We eliminated all unnecessary “methods” which are being used by many other subliminal CD manufacturers, we perfected the scripts that we use in many different situations, and we implemented the TSATTM system to make the conditioning of minds much more effective. Now our system is so magically efficient and effective, we are so confident that whoever uses our system will benefit from it. To prove that, we give a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee to all the products we sell.





If we can help cancer patients change their attitudes toward their life-threatening diseases, we certainly can help you condition your mind to take action and become successful in whatever you do.






Targeted Subliminal Application Technology

Subliminal influences have been proven for decades to be effective in changing people’s behavior. The main theory behind that is “Repetition Creates Habit”. Our subconscious mind can be trained to acquire certain habits just by repeating a message or an act for enough number of times. Once a habit is developed, one would do certain things without thinking. Even for some acts or behaviors that are rejected by the conscious mind, once the habit is developed, we will do it without being aware of it. If you don’t believe that subliminal message is working, just look at how many big companies are repeating the same advertising messages for many years. They don’t spend their huge sum of advertising money on something that is not working. Furthermore, I am sure you must have heard and agree about the phrase “Repeat a lie a thousand times and it becomes the truth“. Yes, repetition of an act or a message will change how you think and how you act.

However, how the message is delivered determines how effective a subliminal tool is. The technical side of creating a subliminal product is not difficult at all. But many subliminal tool manufacturers do not understand the importance of how the subliminal message should be applied. They make their products based only on the technical side of it but ignore the application side of how a message should be delivered based on sound researches.

One thing very important is that although we are trying to influence the subliminal mind, we still need to understand the message delivered will still be filtered by the conscious mind. For example, if you are trying to deliver an English message to someone who does not understand English at all, the message will not go through. So, helping the subject to create a close identity with the message will amplify the results to a large scale. Our 23 years of research and 5 years of development time enable us to employ the TSAT TM system which can deliver an extremely effective message to influence the subject’s subconscious mind to achieve what he wants to achieve.